Business Advice: How to Negotiate the Best Deal on Software Licensing

Software is the lifeblood of many businesses, having effective software is essential for a number of business-related tasks. However, the cost of software can be a major expense for businesses of all sizes. Fortunately, software licenses are often negotiable. Here are a few tips for getting the best price for your company’s software licenses.Consider AlternativesOne of the most effective ways to negotiate prices is to find alternatives. Most pieces of software have comparable competitors, and knowing what these programs are and knowing information about them can give you leverage in negotiations. If the alternative software is more expensive than the software for which you are negotiating, highlight its advantages during negotiations. If the main selling point for the new software is its low cost, suggest that you are willing to deal with the cost of transitioning in order to pay less. Competition is fierce in the software industry, and those who are willing to switch to other software packages will gain considerable leverage in negotiations.Highlight Your HistoryIf you have used a particular piece of software for years, mention this fact during negotiations. Software companies love repeat customers, and much of their money comes from those who have used their software for years. Because of this, companies will go to great lengths to please customers who will remain with them in the future. If you have no intention of switching to another software package, you may want to mention this during negotiations as it implies that you are not willing to switch as long as your prices are satisfactory.Discuss Growth PotentialIf your company is in a position to grow significantly in the coming years, you may wish to mention this during negotiations. Even though individual license prices drop as companies grow, the total profit for the developer will rise. Because of this, software companies are likely to offer better deals for companies that will grow significantly in the future. Software companies hate losing out on potential growth, and they may be willing to offer license costs and far lower rates for companies that will bring them more money in the future.Upgrade CostsUpgrades are often great times to negotiate for better prices. If none of the new features offered in the newest version of the software are especially useful, you may be able to bring down the cost of upgraded software significantly. Software companies that offer support will often offer significant discounts for upgrades as the cost of supporting older software is higher than the cost of supporting new software. Some software companies have even been known to offer free upgrades for loyal clients.Unlike most other products sold, there is almost no inherent cost to software licenses. Software costs money to develop, but an individual software license costs the software developer nothing. Because of this, companies will often offer significant discounts that cannot be offered in other industries. Take your time during negotiations, and do not be afraid to play a bit of hardball. Doing so may save your company a significant amount of money.

BBC – The Best News and Information Site On The Internet

Now the BBC is regarded as perhaps the most unbiased source of information on the internet. They cover anything from entertainment gossip to modern politics. They also provide internet streaming of their radio and news broadcasts so if you’re too tired to read then you can watch/listen.The BBC provide an RSS feed with Firefox so you can always get the most up to date news without checking their homepage. I find it useful just to see what’s going on in the world since it’s hard to get the TV on what you want with family in the house. I don’t really follow politics that much but I usually have an opinion on most things. Usually, I just go to the Sports or Technology section since with most news, nothing important usually happens. When was the last time YOU heard about bird flu in mainstream news?More about the site then… On the left you have a small picture of the world split up into different sections. Click on one of these sections to go to a dedicated page for that part of the globe. There you will find relevant news about that region ranging from news to sports and anything else they might deem newsworthy. They provide pictures and sometimes video of the event which can be pretty cool to watch. Like the one of the temporary dams at the Three Gorges Dam in China being blown up.This sort of brings me on to my next point. The BBC has a dedicated page to each country on this here planet. Since we’re not discussing China, let’s put their’s there anyway. And voila. Now as you can see, they give you the country’s national anthem, a time line of their history, some related links, features… Basically, most things you could need if you’re just doing some basic research on a country.All in all, a very good site. Nice layout, easy to read text, quick to load. I don’t think I can say anything bad about it. Definitely a good source of info and much more reliable than Fox News :-p

Becoming a Healthcare Manager

If you thought that the field of healthcare involves only direct patient care and requires extensive schooling to break into, think again! The healthcare profession depends upon the people who work behind the scenes to make sure that the business of healthcare runs efficiently. These professionals, called healthcare managers or healthcare administrators, occupy key management positions in a variety of medical facilities.Healthcare managers perform duties ranging from budgeting and personnel management to maintaining patient records and developing organization-wide policies. These health services managers work long and hard to ensure the smooth delivery of healthcare to their patients.Interested in becoming a healthcare manager? Read on.Start EarlyIf you decide that healthcare services is your calling in life, then it can help to start preparing while you’re still in high school. Taking more intellectually rigorous courses such as science, math, English, psychology, and business will lay the educational foundation for becoming a healthcare manager.The next step is to get a college degree, and there are a number of healthcare degree options if you want to enter the healthcare services field. You simply need to choose the academic program that meets your educational and career objectives.While graduates can often enter the profession once they’ve completed their bachelor’s degree, and then work their way up the corporate ladder. Some entry-level positions, especially in smaller healthcare facilities, are often open to those who have an undergraduate healthcare administration degreeSince the job of a healthcare manager involves making a lot of independent and strategic decisions, the minimum required credential for a senior position is a master’s in healthcare administration or a related degree. Obviously, this degree can be acquired only after completing an undergraduate degree in a related field. Some graduate programs may also demand a year or more of work experience in clinical or administrative positions before graduation.Get ExperienceBecause of increasing competition in the field, just getting a relevant college degree may not suffice when you’re hunting for a job. Hands-on industry experience while in college may give you an edge when competing for opportunities. Some academic programs may include a mandatory externship, but if the program you choose doesn’t require one, get out there and look for paid or unpaid internships at healthcare facilities near you.Find out if your college offers cooperative education employment-such programs allow students to work in their fields of study while they pursue their degrees. Even consider volunteering at a healthcare center. Working in close proximity with doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals is extremely valuable not only professionally but personally, as you work your way towards entering the healthcare field.Skill DevelopmentLike any other manager, a health services manager is expected to demonstrate above-average communication, interpersonal, leadership, and problem-solving skills. The nature of this job also demands that healthcare administrators display an ability to work under pressure. While some skills required for becoming a healthcare manager can be acquired, others are inherent.Do you have the personality traits necessary to succeed? Are you willing to work toward the right combination of education, experience, and skills? Then you have what it takes to become a health services manager.